Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Hidden Truth about Hemant Karkaray by Zaresh Khan

on 26 November 2008, at the age of 53, Hemant Karkaray, a brave and honest indian serving police officer died in Mumbai. It is alleged by Indian government that he alongwith three other officers died figthing the terrorists. There are many doubts regarding this staement of the indian government and media. First, why is there so much of difference of information about the death of karkaray. The times of india gave a different report and the indian express came up with a 360 degree different story. To unveil the truth about karkaray, we need to look at his pattern of investigations. On September 29, 2008, three bombs exploded in Modasa, Gujarat and Malegaon, Maharashtra killing eight persons, and injuring 80. Several unexploded bombs were found in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Hemant Karkare, as the chief of the state Anti-Terror Squad, led the investigation into the 2008 Malegoan blasts. In late October the ATS arrested eleven suspects, and alleged that some radical Hindu groups were behind the blasts. Opposition parties, including the Bharatiya Janta Party and Shiv Sena, and Hindu organizations alleged that the arrests were made under the pressure of the incumbent government, in an attempt to appease India's Muslim population. Some BJP, RSS and VHP leaders accused the ATS of being used as a tool to attack the Sangh Parivar and of using illegal detention and torture. The above given pattern of investigations carried out by Karkaray shows that he has always been dealing with Indian extremist elements in india and thus was always a pain in the neck of the extremist elements. The hindu extremist elements in india have always been very strong and intolerable.The true story of Indian Police Chief Assisination by the terrorists is unveiled by Minority Affairs Minister A. R. Antulay. Antulay is forced to resign from his Ministry after his statement about Indian Extremist involvement in Mumbai attacks. This is one of very strong evidence that unveil Indian false propaganda against Pakistan. It seems that there were no Pakistani involvement in Mumbai attacks but actually it was planned and executed by Hindu extremists who forced Minister A.R.Antulay to resign and who assasinated Hemant Karkaray. According to former senior Mumbai Police officer Y.C. Pawar, Mr. Karkare was regarded as ' very, very honest ' in police circles.(Times of India Nov.28 2008). furtehrmore, Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Mr. Julio Rebeiro wrote in an article in Times of India," Karkare was one of the best police officers in Maharashtra and I dare say in India". This is an open truth that Karkaray never died figthing the terrorists rather he was trapped into death. He was assasinated by the Hinduvatism politcs of india to prevent the unveiling of the truth abouth Col. Purohit invovlement in the terrorist act of samjhota express. He was a very honest and brave police officer who gave his life while exposing the hidden truth and the brutalities of the hindu extremism and porpaganda against Pakistan in front of the world. Indian government, RAW and Hindu Extremism when realized that their evil deeds and ambitions will be disclosed and made public in front of the whole world and that the true face of their democracy will be revealed, they had no option left but to assasinate Karkaray and make Antulay resign. but they forgot that a lie has no feet to stand at and today after the massacre of Karkaray, the genuineness and precision about the indian propaganda has finally been disclosed and today the whole world knows whay kind of an intolerant state india is and to what extent india can go to serve its own vested interests. Its not Pakistan who is sponsoring terrorism rather it is the Democratic state of India who is making the whole world suffer in the form of sponsoring and training terrorists and extremists.

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