Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pakistani Army colonel 'was involved' in Mumbai terror attacks (Times Online

Police in Mumbai have accused a serving officer in the Pakistan Army of being involved in the terrorist attacks on the city that killed more than 170 people in November.
The move represents the first time India has accused an individual linked to the Pakistani state of playing a role in the Mumbai atrocities, a development that will place yet more strain on the tense relationship between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.
The document detailing the charges against Azam Amir Kasab, the sole gunman to be captured alive, accuses Colonel Saadat Ullah of helping to set up the phone network used by the terrorists to speak to their handlers during the attacks. It claims that the officer is part of the Pakistan Army’s Special Communications Organisation (SCO), an offshoot of the signals corps.
Col Ullah was traced using information partly supplied by the FBI, a senior police officer said. According to police documents obtained by The Times, the ten Islamist militants who rampaged through Mumbai spoke to their handlers in Pakistan during the attacks via mobile phones connected to Callphonex, an internet telephony provider based in New Jersey. The militants’ Callphonex account was set up by an individual who identified himself as Kharak Singh, using the e-mail account kharak_telco@
Police claim that this e-mail account was accessed from ten different unique internet locations – or IP addresses – including one used by Col Ullah.
In the mammoth 11,000-page charge sheet filed by police against Kasab, the colonel’s physical address is given as Qasim Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, which is the headquarters of the SCO. The document says that Col Ullah and another man, Khurram Shazad, of the same address, “facilitated communication … and hence conspired with [Kasab] in perpetuating the heinous crime”.
The charge sheet also details the involvement of a mastermind figure referred to by the gunmen and their handlers during their attacks only as “Major General Sahab”, who Mumbai police have been unable to identify.
The charge sheet may fall short of providing definitive proof of Col Saadat’s involvement, internet experts said. It is possible to route internet traffic to disguise its origin: other IP addresses used to access the gunmen’s telephone service account were traced to Chicago, Kuwait and Moscow.
The criminal investigation begun by the Mumbai police has identified 37 suspects – including the two army officers – wanted for their alleged involvement in a plot that struck 13 targets across Mumbai, including two luxury hotels and an orthodox Jewish outreach centre, terrorising the city for 60 hours. All but two of the suspects, many of whom are identified only through aliases, are Pakistani.
Ujjwal Nikam, the public prosecutor in the case against Kasab, told The Times that he would give his opening address in the trial, in which he will frame the charges against the 21-year-old, before a special court in Mumbai on March 9.
"I will show that this was a criminal conspiracy hatched in Pakistan and involving henchman of [the Pakistan-based terrorist faction] Lashkar-e-Taiba," he said.
Kasab has been charged with crimes including the waging of war against India and murder. He could be sent to the gallows if convicted.
Mr Nikam said that he was confident of securing a conviction within six months, but that it was too early for him to say whether he would seek the death penalty if Kasab were found guilty.
Kasab was captured on November 26 after he and an accomplice opened fire on commuters at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, one of India’s busiest train stations, killing more than 50 people. In a sharp reversal from previous denials, the Pakistan Government admitted last month that he was a Pakistani citizen and that the attacks were at least partly plotted on its soil.

Monday, February 23, 2009

RAW has Abolished Ajmal Kasab?

India had cooked up story about Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist captured during the Mumbai attacks being a Pakistani as according to the interior minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik, there have been no records of Ajmal Kasab in the Nadra Data Base. Moreover, why did the Indians not share the identity of the others accused in the attacks? They are talking just about Ajmal Kasab who was not even arrested from the crime scene. There has been news in the Indian Newspaper lately about the voice records of Ajmal Kasab communicating with his LeT handlers Abu Hamza and Kahfa, in Pakistan and to the utter surprise of the world, the voice records turned out to be a fake.

The request for "authentic forensic analysis, reports of mobile/satellite phones and... Any other evidence establishing connectivity and communication of the terrorists with militants based in Pakistan has not been provided by India to Pakistan yet which brings us to the conclusion that this whole Ajmal Kasab episode was designed and played upon to malign the name of Pakistan. Kasab neither is a Pakistani nor was he involved in the Mumbai Blasts. India for a long time stumbled on to the fact that Kasab’s trial will take place in India and not in Pakistan, even though according to international law, Kasab had to be extradited to Pakistan for further probing and investigation.

Now that the Indians endeavor regarding Kasab is about to be unleashed, India finds itself jammed between the devil and the deep sea. And the next move of India will be the anonymous execution of Kasab so that the world once again fails to perceive the real face of India. Soon news will fright the world community that Ajmal Kasab has attempted suicide or keeping the bad habit of India in mind about blaming other, let me rephrase, the headlines in the Newspapers will be something like this, “ISI FINALLY SUCCEEDED IN ASSASINATING KASAB” or “ISI ERADICATED THE MUMBAI BLAST EVIDENCE” And we can already see that India has even started working on these lines as headlines are appearing in the papers that ISI has hired Daud Ibrahim to slay Kasab silently. The Kasab case was an attempt on behalf of Indian government or must I say RAW to undermine the image of Pakistan government, army and ISI. In the present scenario, either Kasab never existed or he has already been executed because as mentioned above India is reluctant to welcome the cooperation offered by Pakistan in the investigation. If the former and later possibilities are true that Kasab never existed so the Indian government and sensitive agencies are in a volatile situation and they are left with no option but to craft a chronicle such as Kasab was being taken to the magistrate or the court for prosecution and he was being escorted in high security. Out of the blue the police convoy was attacked by mysterious and armed militants sent by Pakistan and trained by ISI. They shot many innocent police personnel and exterminated the key witness of Mumbai blast. Last but not the least the newspapers will be crammed with the conspiracy Aligned towards the innocent India and RAW. This conspiracy was prepared and planned on the soil of Pakistan and the story will go on and on and on but the final product will be India jamboreeing the sympathies of the world and Pakistan being asked to do more against Terrorism.

In case if RAW failed in the above mentioned planning then the Indian government will budge for the Plan-B and that is Kasab will convene to the fate of Prabhakaran, the leader of LTTE. One nice morning humanity will be engrossed in the mysterious exodus of Kasab. The where abouts of Kasab will be an obscurity for the coming many years. And the Mumbai Blast case will lose momentum after many burning statements from various official sources. The blame game will continue for a month and finally India will come out clean deteriorating the international image of many countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

In short, it won’t be unjust to pronounce that this case of Ajmal Kasab is a deep rooted conspiracy and a proxy war against Pakistan. The international community should compel Indian government to cooperate with Pakistan on eliminating regional terrorism spread by Hindu Taliban.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sri Lanka at crossroad by Afshain Afzal

THE Tamil campaign for a separate homeland "Tamil Eelam" from Sinhalese majority dates to the 1970s. By the late 1980s, the Tigers had seized control of part of the island's northeast coast. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelarn (LTTE allegedly assassinated several high-ranking Sri Lankan and Indian personalities. The LTTE was banned in India in 1992, a year after a suicide bomber allegedly associated with Tamil Tigers assassinated former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at an election rally near Chennai. Since then LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran and his Intelligence boss, Pottu Amman, who are in exile in Sri Lanka are wanted in India for the Rajiv's killing. However, Indian Intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) secretly armed them through third parties to destabilize Sri Lanka and create sense of suspicion between Tamils and Colombo. The US intelligence, because of its own interests in the region, also aided Tamils in cash and weapons to destabilize Sri Lanka. Over the period of time, the groups associated with Tamil Eelam gained strength and openly challenged the writ of Sri Lankan government in the areas stretching over 7,000 square miles.In the recent drive of Sri Lankan government against LTTE, the Sri Lankan Army made unbelievable successes in regaining the control of LTTE controlled areas. Although Sri Lankan Army claims that they have taken over Mullaittivu, the Tamil Tigers' last main stronghold and that Tamils are near defeat but things are as being told. It is being clamed that Tamil Tigers, who once held 7,000 square miles of territory are now boxed in to less than 100 square miles. However, there is nothing to feel optimistic for long lasting peace as only remote chances are there that Sinhalese majority can enact a lasting peace that addresses the Tamil minority's concerns. There are bright chances that the Sinhalese-dominated government in Colombo will fail to extend a hand to its minority Tamil population, which would spur another guerrilla movement in theTamil Tigers dominated areas, irrespective of the fact that Prabhakaran is captured or killed.In this backdrop, Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee's recent visit to Sri Lanka ended up with half success and half failure. Both the countries remained perturbed about their international obligations and the public pressure in their countries. However, they were able to strike deals mainly focusing on three important issues i.e. continuous intelligence sharing, expansion of safety zone for Tamils and question of Tamil Tigers Cheif Velupillai Prabhakaran. One thing that got clear from the agreement is that India is not sincere with Tamils. Had there been a serious effort from either New Delhi or Colombo to end war, the LTTE had to respond as they could not deliberately endanger lives of people by insisting on fighting. India is trying to be Doctor Watson for Sri Lanka as regard to Tamil issue, forgetting that the decrease in Tamil activities in Sri Lanka had nothing to do with either military might of Sri Lankan Army or RAW's strategy against Tamils. In fact it was due to global trend that made US Intelligence to hold its hands to secretly fund and supply weapons to rebel groups in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. LTTE cadres and other militant groups were forced to seriously consider other ways to continue their struggle. India should never forget that if today there is some peace in Tamil Nadu, it is not due to Indian intelligence strategy and military operations but due to granting share of Tamils in the present government and RAW's secret understanding for Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.In the words of RAW's senior analyst at New Delhi "What India did to defeat Tamils was the segregation of Indian Tamils with those living in Sri Lanka, thus preserving certain top Tamil aides for future strategy to deal with Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam in the future." There is no doubt that Sri Lankan government is facing a lot of security difficulties due to Tamil Eelam but it must not forget that Tamils have a lot services for this country and should be dealt diplomatically and politically. Sri Lanka should understand the gravity of the situation created by US Intelligence and RAW as it would not be able to afford fleeing Tamils including Prabhakaran to India and other parts of the world being given International refugee status thus posing a permanent threat to the existence of independent Sri Lanka.

Threats of ‘All-India anti-terrorist Group’ & Misra’s 2nd e-mail by I A Khanzada

IT IS a matter of grave concern that Ambassador of Pakistan in New Delhi has been constantly receiving "death threats". In a 3-paged letter the "all India antiterrorist group" has warned Mr. Shahid Malik, the ambassador of Pakistan in New Delhi to leave India immediately otherwise get ready to face dire consequences. The contents of the letter revealed that AIAT group is openly against Pakistan and do not want to see any Pakistani on Indian soil nor will allow India Government to continue peace talks with Pakistan. Pakistan Interior Ministry launched a strong protest on this threatening note and contacted New Delhi Administration for the provision of safety and security of Pakistani diplomats and officials living in India. In response, Indian increased the security of the ambassador and agreed to investigate the matter, Whether Indian verbal assurances to Shahid Malik or other Pakistani nationals are enough for their security? Absolutely No! Pakistan must raise the issue at UN and international level, because not only Hindu radicals like Bel Thakary and many other Hindu extremist leaders have been giving similar type of threatening statements, but also demanding to sever diplomatic relations with Pakistan. During the past two weeks, what happened to one fast bowler, and two Pakistani actors in India, (In the backdrop of the intriguing politics, had the writers, actors, players, journalists and other people associated with other tiers of society, any iota of self-respect, they would have learnt the lesson from the ill-treatment met in Mumbai by the two actors linked with stage).The threat of AIAT group should be taken seriously. Not only Hindu extremist organizations and its leader are proliferating hatred propaganda/material against Pakistan, Islam or Muslim, Indian electronic media and Mumbai Film Industry are also following the same suit. India's latest film 'A Wednesday' projected the activities of "All India anti-terrorist Group" through one individual Naseer-ud-Din Shah (the renowned Indian film actor). The film is a clear departure from traditional Indian feature films, which are normally glamorized by dances and songs, besides dwelling on traditional theme of immortal romance- The subjectmatter of the movie encompasses of Muslims, Islamic terrorism and their real perpetuators sitting in the guise of intelligence/secret agencies as their controller-handlers. The film is capable of exhorting a normal Individual to such an extent where he can attack any individual alleged for abetting terrorism by the India government.Nevertheless, there is every possibility that Indian RAW might have selffabricated the letter addressed to Pakistan Ambassador so as to increase the pressure on Pakistan (anyhow Pakistan President also received a threatening telephonic call from Indian Interior Ministry). The Mumbai attacks of Nov 26 that were used with enormous success as a part of propaganda warfare against Pakistan during initial days, is now gradually losing ground. With the passage of time, the Mumbai attacks have been labelled as "Mumbai drama" not only in most of the international media but also are echoed in the inner circles of Indian polity.Now it is the responsibility of our policy maker and think-tanks in the Government to reconsider the policy of appeasing Hindus. Pakistan directed every concerted effort to make the region peaceful through initiating peace process and starting confidence building measures during the past one decade. All type of cooperation has been extended to the Indian people as well as Indian Government machinery leading towards healthy relations. Many Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails who massacred hundreds of Muslims have been set free to return back to their homelands in good health. Whereas, those Pakistani prisoners languishing in Indian jails returned back from India, either suffering from psychological disorders or in the coffins due to torturous conditions. (The conditions of these Pakistani prisoners were so pathetic that most of them died in the course of time).We had accepted with open arm all those Indian delegates opposing the partition of Indo-Pakistan sub-continent and two-nation theory in 1947, have tried to pollute the minds of Pakistani by favouring the doctrine of "Akrand Sharat". If any cable operator telecast any Pakistani channel mistakenly, he is liable for 2 years imprisonment and a penalty of at least one lakh rupees. On the contrary, just see our generosity. Set aside the cable operators, our private TV channels (except Waqt TV) telecast nothing but Indian film and documentary programme as a recreational activity to the Pakistani viewers. (Although we know that the amount of negative effects Indian media onslaught has on Pakistani society). Despite understanding the traditional hypocrisy of Indian Hindu mentality, when India stopped water of our rivers, we not only kept quite, we did not even raise the issue internationally because India may not get annoyed and cease the so called peace talks which have become the mockery since six decades. India media disclosed that one serving Indian Lt Col along with others army officers have accepted the responsibility of destroying Samjhota Express. In spite of the fact that Samjhota train blast took the toll of 300 innocent Pakistani lives, we did not launch the •protest. We did not initiate diplomatic drive against India because we have entered into such a treaty with Indian which says, what ever the magnitude of terrorist act, it is binding on both the countries not to let bilateral relationships be hampered by it. The issue should not be referred to third party arbitration and avoid issuing threatening alarms of war to each other.But what happened? While India staging a bloody drama on Nov 26, first attempted to defame Pakistan amongst comity of nations, and then through successful "posturing" pushed Pakistan against the wall and forcing it into an apologetic mode, In Mumbai affair, see the weak stance of India when Pakistan under enormous stress, threatened Indian that if India keep on harping the rhetoric of complicity of Pakistan in Mumbai blasts and reiterating their demand for repatriation alleged Pakistani, then Pakistan has the right to demand for handing over of Lt Col Purohit involved in the blast of Samjhota Express. Onthis, Indian Defence Minister promptly retaliated that India will never hand over the serving Col to Pakistan.But Indian scholar cum journalists, Amaresh Misra's latest revelations proved the full involvement of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and owners of 5-star hotels "Taj Mahal", and "Oberoi hotel" in the Mumbai attacks. It is incumbent on the Government to ask for the handing over of Col Purohit and other military officers, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Singh Modi and owners of 5-star hotels "Taj Mahal", and "Oberoi hotel" to Pakistani authorities for bringing the alleged perpetrators to justice and arriving at a logical end to the Mumbai inquiry. And if India refuses to do so, then Pakistan must take up the issue to UN Security Council and demand from the world that if Security Council can ban Kashmiri freedom fighter movement, LeT and JuD and their leaders arrested, then the Indian extremist organizations should also be include in the list of banned outfits responsible for communal strife in India. All the India extremist leaders should be arrested forthwith whose authenticity of being terrorists is given by Indian media itself.Now let us see Indian journalist Amaresh Misra's second e-mail published on December 21, 2008. After going through Misra's first e-mail, many readers have asked for the original script, which was duly provided. Now second e-mail is published. After going through the second e-mail, it can be inferred from the contents that the cold war started between the secular Hindu segment and Hindu extremists, has been turned into violent confrontation. November 26 carnage can be termed as the first violent encounter between the two factions. Nevertheless, the most dangerous outcome of this confrontation is that Indian media and the extremist element in the Government have succeeded to scapegoat their internal conflict on Pakistan. This is not a good indication. It is imperative to defeat this Pakistan bashing which is not only imperative for the sovereignty of Pakistan but also important for the safety of 250 millions of Muslims residing in India. It has a singular purpose of creating awareness amongst world community regarding the evil design of Hindu extremists coupled with the objective of unearthing the CIA & Mossad agenda bent on making the region into a hell by supporting Hindu extremist's anti-minority policy.

India-LTTE Nexus

The LTTE issue gained momentum in the past few days with the sudden disappearance of their leader, Prabhakaran. Before going into any further details, let’s consider how LTTE transitioned from a simple rebel union to a properly organized and trained military organization. It is an open secret that LTTE was created, supported and trained by India and to be more specific RAW. In this regard, the statements by Indian and Sri Lankan officials can be quoted as testimony upon this fact. For instance, the Indian diplomat G. Parathasarathy admitted supporting terrorism in Sri Lanka. He synically recorded his confession “We have learnt our lesson” for backing the terrorist and that “India paid it price for backing the LTTE”. On another occasion accusing neighboring India of creating Sri Lanka’s conflict, the former Army Commander of Sri Lanka said India was partly responsible for creating the problem for us. “The LTTE was created by India. That’s the truth.” The question here arises that when there is enough evidence to prove India’s involvement in arming LTTE and other militants in Sri Lanka. Why Sri Lanka is categorized as a nation suffering from ethnic problem. This all remind us of the year 1971, a somewhat similar conspiracy was played by RAW against Pakistan which resulted in the separation of East Pakistan. However in case of Sri Lanka, India was not fortunate enough to achieve its aims despite putting on huge efforts. The hegemonic designs of New Delhi of dividing Sri Lanka failed partially because of the restlessness in their own province Tamil Nadu. The role-played by the Indian intelligence agency – RAW in all of the happenings that took place and perhaps even taking place presently cannot be ignored. It is upon the RAW’s explicit advice that the Indian Government took actions on Sri Lanka. RAW assumed that LTTE “our boys” would continue to tango to India’s tune alone. Surprisingly, the LTTE-Indian honeymoon did not last for too long and halted with the Prabhakaran conspiracy. The most relevant hypotheses regarding this point are towards the abduction of the Tamil leader by the Indian intelligence agency-RAW. What RAW failed to calculate was that Prabhakaran and LTTE had larger designs mooted by every political organization in Tamil Nadu, national or regional who secretly or rather openly carried a desire for a separate state for Tamil people. Thus as soon as Prabhakaran failed to serve the Indian vested interests, he was taken off the scene by RAW and there is every possibility of the LTTE leader to lead the show once again depending on his utility as well as New Delhi’s exploitation. In support of this hypothesis the stories were partially reported in some Indian newspapers on the escape of Prabhakaran. In the 80s, when Sri Lanka was facing the huge LTTE problem, the island republic reached out to Pakistan in desperation. The situation was particularly acute in some northern town. The Sri Lankan army was running out of ammunition and India her chief supplier had placed an arms embargo on the paradise island. Reports state that Pakistan broke the arms embaro and Sri Lanka in this crucial period. In this way Sri Lanka defeated LTTE and discovered the whereabouts of the LTTE head. However, Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tiger terrorists, was shipped out of Sri Lanka by the Indians when he was cornered by the Lankan Army at Vadamarachchi in the 80s. The Indian helicopters took off from the Hindon military base in Delhi and flew via Thanjavur to rescue Prabhakaran. The Vadamarachci operation was closing in on Prabhakaran when the arrogant Indians launched the rescue operation. This is a gross violation not only of Sri Lankan sovereignty but also a deliberate attempt to rescue the terrorists, who were destabilizing Sri Lanka.The Indian were to pay heavily for this rescue operation. Prabhakaran ordered the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia Gadhi should Investigate and dig out that why Prabhakaran was supported by Raw despite issuing his death warrants.The Indian RAW – the equivalent of CIA – was running clandestine operations training, providing, arms, financing and applying diplomatic pressure hoping that they could use Prabhakaran to destabilize Sri Lanka and manipulate her leaders to serve Indian foreign policy objectives. Sri Lanka, under J. R. Jayewardene, was moving toward the American camp. India used the Tamil dissidents to manipulate both the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government. In the end Prabhakaran paid back by assassinating the son of Indira Gandhi who took under the protective wing and mothered them. Ironically, the bullet she aimed at Sri Lanka ricocheted and killed her and her son.” This all brings us to the conclusion that if RAW can rescue Prabhakaran once, they can do it again. Moreover as the Sri Lankan army routed out LTTE from the northern Sri Lanka, the Indian government is under stress by the political parties of Tamil Nadu. If we look at the history, the involvement of India in the regional conflicts presented her as an irresponsible and extremist Hindu state. Pakistan is also suffering from Terrorism sponsored by India and Israel. The danger to world peace is much more than in the past. Thus it is time to close the genie in the bottle before the whole world suffers.