Monday, February 23, 2009

RAW has Abolished Ajmal Kasab?

India had cooked up story about Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist captured during the Mumbai attacks being a Pakistani as according to the interior minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik, there have been no records of Ajmal Kasab in the Nadra Data Base. Moreover, why did the Indians not share the identity of the others accused in the attacks? They are talking just about Ajmal Kasab who was not even arrested from the crime scene. There has been news in the Indian Newspaper lately about the voice records of Ajmal Kasab communicating with his LeT handlers Abu Hamza and Kahfa, in Pakistan and to the utter surprise of the world, the voice records turned out to be a fake.

The request for "authentic forensic analysis, reports of mobile/satellite phones and... Any other evidence establishing connectivity and communication of the terrorists with militants based in Pakistan has not been provided by India to Pakistan yet which brings us to the conclusion that this whole Ajmal Kasab episode was designed and played upon to malign the name of Pakistan. Kasab neither is a Pakistani nor was he involved in the Mumbai Blasts. India for a long time stumbled on to the fact that Kasab’s trial will take place in India and not in Pakistan, even though according to international law, Kasab had to be extradited to Pakistan for further probing and investigation.

Now that the Indians endeavor regarding Kasab is about to be unleashed, India finds itself jammed between the devil and the deep sea. And the next move of India will be the anonymous execution of Kasab so that the world once again fails to perceive the real face of India. Soon news will fright the world community that Ajmal Kasab has attempted suicide or keeping the bad habit of India in mind about blaming other, let me rephrase, the headlines in the Newspapers will be something like this, “ISI FINALLY SUCCEEDED IN ASSASINATING KASAB” or “ISI ERADICATED THE MUMBAI BLAST EVIDENCE” And we can already see that India has even started working on these lines as headlines are appearing in the papers that ISI has hired Daud Ibrahim to slay Kasab silently. The Kasab case was an attempt on behalf of Indian government or must I say RAW to undermine the image of Pakistan government, army and ISI. In the present scenario, either Kasab never existed or he has already been executed because as mentioned above India is reluctant to welcome the cooperation offered by Pakistan in the investigation. If the former and later possibilities are true that Kasab never existed so the Indian government and sensitive agencies are in a volatile situation and they are left with no option but to craft a chronicle such as Kasab was being taken to the magistrate or the court for prosecution and he was being escorted in high security. Out of the blue the police convoy was attacked by mysterious and armed militants sent by Pakistan and trained by ISI. They shot many innocent police personnel and exterminated the key witness of Mumbai blast. Last but not the least the newspapers will be crammed with the conspiracy Aligned towards the innocent India and RAW. This conspiracy was prepared and planned on the soil of Pakistan and the story will go on and on and on but the final product will be India jamboreeing the sympathies of the world and Pakistan being asked to do more against Terrorism.

In case if RAW failed in the above mentioned planning then the Indian government will budge for the Plan-B and that is Kasab will convene to the fate of Prabhakaran, the leader of LTTE. One nice morning humanity will be engrossed in the mysterious exodus of Kasab. The where abouts of Kasab will be an obscurity for the coming many years. And the Mumbai Blast case will lose momentum after many burning statements from various official sources. The blame game will continue for a month and finally India will come out clean deteriorating the international image of many countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

In short, it won’t be unjust to pronounce that this case of Ajmal Kasab is a deep rooted conspiracy and a proxy war against Pakistan. The international community should compel Indian government to cooperate with Pakistan on eliminating regional terrorism spread by Hindu Taliban.

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