Tuesday, February 17, 2009

India-LTTE Nexus

The LTTE issue gained momentum in the past few days with the sudden disappearance of their leader, Prabhakaran. Before going into any further details, let’s consider how LTTE transitioned from a simple rebel union to a properly organized and trained military organization. It is an open secret that LTTE was created, supported and trained by India and to be more specific RAW. In this regard, the statements by Indian and Sri Lankan officials can be quoted as testimony upon this fact. For instance, the Indian diplomat G. Parathasarathy admitted supporting terrorism in Sri Lanka. He synically recorded his confession “We have learnt our lesson” for backing the terrorist and that “India paid it price for backing the LTTE”. On another occasion accusing neighboring India of creating Sri Lanka’s conflict, the former Army Commander of Sri Lanka said India was partly responsible for creating the problem for us. “The LTTE was created by India. That’s the truth.” The question here arises that when there is enough evidence to prove India’s involvement in arming LTTE and other militants in Sri Lanka. Why Sri Lanka is categorized as a nation suffering from ethnic problem. This all remind us of the year 1971, a somewhat similar conspiracy was played by RAW against Pakistan which resulted in the separation of East Pakistan. However in case of Sri Lanka, India was not fortunate enough to achieve its aims despite putting on huge efforts. The hegemonic designs of New Delhi of dividing Sri Lanka failed partially because of the restlessness in their own province Tamil Nadu. The role-played by the Indian intelligence agency – RAW in all of the happenings that took place and perhaps even taking place presently cannot be ignored. It is upon the RAW’s explicit advice that the Indian Government took actions on Sri Lanka. RAW assumed that LTTE “our boys” would continue to tango to India’s tune alone. Surprisingly, the LTTE-Indian honeymoon did not last for too long and halted with the Prabhakaran conspiracy. The most relevant hypotheses regarding this point are towards the abduction of the Tamil leader by the Indian intelligence agency-RAW. What RAW failed to calculate was that Prabhakaran and LTTE had larger designs mooted by every political organization in Tamil Nadu, national or regional who secretly or rather openly carried a desire for a separate state for Tamil people. Thus as soon as Prabhakaran failed to serve the Indian vested interests, he was taken off the scene by RAW and there is every possibility of the LTTE leader to lead the show once again depending on his utility as well as New Delhi’s exploitation. In support of this hypothesis the stories were partially reported in some Indian newspapers on the escape of Prabhakaran. In the 80s, when Sri Lanka was facing the huge LTTE problem, the island republic reached out to Pakistan in desperation. The situation was particularly acute in some northern town. The Sri Lankan army was running out of ammunition and India her chief supplier had placed an arms embargo on the paradise island. Reports state that Pakistan broke the arms embaro and Sri Lanka in this crucial period. In this way Sri Lanka defeated LTTE and discovered the whereabouts of the LTTE head. However, Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tiger terrorists, was shipped out of Sri Lanka by the Indians when he was cornered by the Lankan Army at Vadamarachchi in the 80s. The Indian helicopters took off from the Hindon military base in Delhi and flew via Thanjavur to rescue Prabhakaran. The Vadamarachci operation was closing in on Prabhakaran when the arrogant Indians launched the rescue operation. This is a gross violation not only of Sri Lankan sovereignty but also a deliberate attempt to rescue the terrorists, who were destabilizing Sri Lanka.The Indian were to pay heavily for this rescue operation. Prabhakaran ordered the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia Gadhi should Investigate and dig out that why Prabhakaran was supported by Raw despite issuing his death warrants.The Indian RAW – the equivalent of CIA – was running clandestine operations training, providing, arms, financing and applying diplomatic pressure hoping that they could use Prabhakaran to destabilize Sri Lanka and manipulate her leaders to serve Indian foreign policy objectives. Sri Lanka, under J. R. Jayewardene, was moving toward the American camp. India used the Tamil dissidents to manipulate both the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government. In the end Prabhakaran paid back by assassinating the son of Indira Gandhi who took under the protective wing and mothered them. Ironically, the bullet she aimed at Sri Lanka ricocheted and killed her and her son.” This all brings us to the conclusion that if RAW can rescue Prabhakaran once, they can do it again. Moreover as the Sri Lankan army routed out LTTE from the northern Sri Lanka, the Indian government is under stress by the political parties of Tamil Nadu. If we look at the history, the involvement of India in the regional conflicts presented her as an irresponsible and extremist Hindu state. Pakistan is also suffering from Terrorism sponsored by India and Israel. The danger to world peace is much more than in the past. Thus it is time to close the genie in the bottle before the whole world suffers.

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