Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Real Face of India

Since 1947, Pakistan and India have fought three wars excluding The Famous Kargil War. It has always seemed to be impossible for India to accept the fact that the Muslims of Sub-continent achieved their independence on the basis of Two Nation Theory and later the fruitless continuous effort of India to accede Pakistan (by fighting three wars) really frustrated the poor Indian Government. Today it will not be groundless to say that the real aspiration of Indians in the Sub-continent is hegemony and not peace at all. India wishes to be the authority in the region and want to counter the growing China economy. In this regard India has been backed by many countries depending on their own vested interests. The activity of India in the contemporary world affairs with out any doubt reminds us of the activities of Lord Clive of East India Company in 1601, When he entered Sub-continent with the purpose of trade with wealth rich India. And soon Sub-continent became the colony of Great Britain for 200 years. India today has the same aspiration. It might not show its true color today but like the English, it will show its color when needed. The recent Mumbai Blasts are also a step forward in obtaining her hegemonic designs.

It’s not only Pakistan which is the victim of India’s Hegemonic designs but countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are also suffering. Let’s take the example of Sri Lanka. India without any doubt has been supporting and offering help of all kinds, be it financial or military, to the Tamils of LTTE? For the last 20 years India has been sympathizing with the Tamils which not only weakened the hold of the government of Sri Lanka but also adversely affected their economy. By helping the Tamils, India created a civil war in Sri Lanka and by doing this they tried to establish their hold with in Sri Lanka which thus in the long run can act as their colony in their final war against Pakistan. And as far as Bangladesh is concerned, India knew it from the very beginning that if Bangladesh is East Pakistan, it will be difficult for India to digest Pakistan and to act as a regional hegemon. So here goes their next move they soaked the seed of discontent between Pakistan and East Pakistan. They succeeded and now Bangladesh is only a small neighbor, quite easy to be used and exploited against Pakistan.

After reading the above analysis, it is easy for a man with an average brain to understand how tactfully India contained Pakistan and what are the real ambitions of India for the region in the short run and for the world in the long run. It’s about time that the powers of the world and the Muslim world should join their hands to fight and defeat India and make the world a peaceful place to live. In this regard the most important role has to be played by China. China should act responsible and should make all efforts to maintain the balance of power within the region.

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