Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Role vis-a-vis Sub-Continent

On 20th January 2009, Barack Husain Obama took oath as America's 44th president in Washington. With this begins the dawn of a new era as well as a new hope for the Muslim world particularly Pakistan. What is expected and wished of Obama is to seek a new way foward based on mutual interest and mutual respect. Keeping in mind the recent Mumbai blasts, the role of America has further enhanced in the region (sub-continent). America and the Obama administration has to realize and accept this very reality that Pakistan has been and will be a front line state against terrorism, come what may, but all it needs is time. Paksitan like many nations itself is the victim of terrorism and is doing its level best to eliminate this menace but what is required of Obama administration is to support Pakistan's claim that we are not involved in Mumbai blasts and should put pressure on New Delhi to restrain from unnececssary and unproved allegations and should emphasize on the resolution of Kashmir issue as it is the core issue of discort between Paksitan and India. America should play its due role in Sub-continent by negating the hegemonic designs of India and supporting Pakistan to fight and eliminate the very roots of terrorism. Since the Mumbai attacks India has, by design, launched premeditated, malicious and vigorous propaganda campaign to project Pakistan as the epicenter of terrorism and its government as being ineffective in eliminating the alleged training camps of terrorist outfits from the country’s soil. No one should doubt its sincerity in fighting the scourge of terrorism. It’s sacrifices in both men and material in the bloody war launched since 9/11 cannot be matched by any single country or the NATO together. It has been difficult for America to remain detached. India used USA as conduit for providing so called evidence rather than using bilateral mechanism to add up the presuure on Pakistan. It also means that India wanted to say that she is like the US, hit by foreign base terrorist groups. America and particularly Obama's administration should observe this above mentioned attitude of India and should understand that if India doesnt resist to create havoc for Pakistan on the eastern borders, Pakistan will lose focus on Afghan border which in the long run will not only have adverse effects on Pakistana and America but soon the whole world will suffer. Last but not the least, Obama's role in the present scenario, being the president of the super power, has greatly enhanced specially with regard to Sub-continent. He must make nations like India realize that those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict or blame their society’s ills on others should know that their people will judge them on what they can build, not what they destroy.

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  1. Yes I think Obama will have to put India back in her shoe. The Bush administration unnecessarily pampered the Indians which brought wrong notions to their minds.