Wednesday, May 20, 2009

India Bluffed LTTE – Sri Lanka Victory by Zaheerul Hassan

A couple of years back I happened to come across four Sri Lankan’s Army officers who reveled that their country is passing through a Indian sponsored war with Tamils . They reveled that Velupilla Prabhakaran Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Chief is one of the world's most ruthless rebel’s leader. They also narrated me that thousands of innocent Tamils and Sri Lankan forces have been killed during last few years. Any how, those young army officers were determined to fight insurgency and their faces were revealing that sooner and later they would be throwing out insurgency from the country. Still I remember that On 61 national day of Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapakse expressed that shadows of terrorism have almost been wiped out with the last remnants of the cornered in a patch of jungle in the islands northeast. At that time, he further stressed while saying "I am confident that the Tigers will be completely defeated in a few days,”. Thus Sri Lankan forces played their final episode and have defeated 37 years old Asian longest insurgency and eliminated LTTE’s Chief Prabhakaran too. It was 1979 when LTTE has been established with the support of RAW. Sri Lanka even though made many efforts to resolve the issue peacefully but India remained fully involved in backing LTTE and never let the former allowed to go for negotiations. Prabhakaran who began his fight for a separate state for Sri Lanka's minority Tamils slowly and gradually has became strong rebel leader and started struggle for an independent Tamil State. The Lankan Leaders were in the opinion that the situation much worse than what it was during the 1987. In 1986/87 full throttle have been imparted to the movement by RAW while establishing 32 LTTE training camp in Kulathur, Salem district, India, By mid 1987, over 20,000 Sri Lankan Tamil insurgents had been provided sanctuary

A time came when probably Rajive Gandhi came to know about the real motives of Tamil’s leader. He asked his world’s notorious agency RAW to pull her hand out from the Tamils. Rajiv Gandhi also ordered the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to fight the LTTE because he realized that Indian government made a blunder while supporting LTTE. The Prime Minster stance was totally against the secret agenda of RAW and thus agency totally behaved opposite and deliberately helped in assassination of her Prime Minister through Prabhakaran. The LTTE chief was arrested but released on bail leaving behind a big questioned mark. Basically his bail was arranged by RAW to launch him again for attaining their mission of establishing an independent state of Tamil on Sri Lanka’s piece of land. Maddrass High Court though issued Death Warrants of Prabhakaran earlier but he never been apprehended by professional intelligence agency of India.

India has taken “U Turn “when she came to know that Sri Lankan forces are determined to up root their launched plan and Tamils started facing defeat continuously. The basic aim of India was to keep the Tamils away from the idea of establishing Independent Tamil State on majority’s area i.e. Indian Territory. For this RAW pitched them against Sinhalies and has bluffed innocent Tamils. The Indian Armed forces used to carry out brutality against Tamils and as per Indian peace keeping forces (IPKF) never felt hesitation of raping Tamil’s women. There are many officers like Lt. Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit who murdered and raped innocent women and Tamil’s male members of the families. I noted that LTTE and Taliban militants were using same technique while fighting against Pakistan and Sri Lankan Forces. Both were and are using human shields. It means the terrorists have been provided combat and explosives training in Indian and Afghanistan. "Suicide cadres are coming in front of troops in the frontline and exploding themselves," military spokesman of Sri Lanka, Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. The government has always remained enthusiastic in waging war while handling LTTE despite involvement of India. Here the question remains, why LTTE didn’t want peace and where was LTTE which was just a militant organization getting all the finances. The deadlock between LTTE and Sri Lanka was occurred because of illegal involvement of India and RAW in Sri Lanka’s internal problems. Any how an excellent and splendid victory has been received by Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka defeated RAW’S Game Plan .But difficult phase of rehabilitation has been started and should be done on war footing. Hundred of thousands Tamils have been displaced and buried in the soil due to the longest war. Same was happened in Swat where more than 2.5 millions people were internally displaced and thousand were killed so far.

The LTTE movement against Sri Lanka do have new political scenario in the region. The chances of creation of Tamil’s state is now much more than earlier , since most of the trained Tamils either became underground or went back to Indian held Tamil Nadu state . Reportedly, before pushing back and surrendering, LTTE’s leadership has decided to reorganize the movement with changed brand and go for an already perceived Tamil State on Indian Territory. Thus it’s quite right that India is going to reap as she has sowed for Sri Lanka and other regional countries. Reportedly, there are more than 100 liberation movements which are struggling for the rights of self determination in their respective states. Out of these liberation movements, Kashmir, Khalistan, Mezzo Tribes, Assam and Tamils are on the top of the list. But unfortunately India is busy in spreading state terrorism against Sikhs, Muslims and christens rather than resolving their internal ethnic problems. Bangladesh mutiny, Dlai Lama and Tamils problems and interference in FATA area of Pakistan are showing clear cut involvement of New Delhi. Let’s hope that Dr. Manmohan Sing should be able to stop her notorious agency from her malicious activities against neighbouring countries. At the same times Sonia Gandhi should also detail some inquiry to find out the actual cause of the death of her husband along with the responsibly. UNO should launch some rehabilitation programms since colossal efforts are required to restore the life in effected areas of Sri Lanka. World community should also force India to stop storming state terrorism in the region.

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