Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ideological Basis of Hindu Terrorism by Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan

The use of violence to achieve ends is called terrorism. Terrorism has existed since time immemorial by state, groups or individuals.
The recorded history of ‘terrorism’ dates back to 66 AD and 70 AD, when Sicarri Zealots, rose against the Romans in Palestine due to the atrocities committed by the Romans. They adopted the strategy of “pure terror”, to cause panic and fear. They carried out broad daylight attacks, targeting government officials and Romans supporters. However the word terror was formally used during French Revolution when the state used extreme measures between 1793 -1797 and was referred to as “terror from above”. It has existed for centuries but has never been felt as it was felt during the later part of the 20th century and in the current times, mainly because of the shrinking of the world leading to globalization and cyber revolution. In the Sub-continent, large Hindu terrorist group known as ‘Thugs’ operated for 300 to 600 years in India, before they faded away owing to the pressure of British Colonialism in the middle of the 19th century. While tracking the history, it is highlighted that in 1968, there were eleven terrorists groups, none having religious affiliations. By 2004, there were seventy seven US designated terrorist groups, out of which almost half had some religious affiliation. Now this number has been further augmented. “Hindu terrorism” has been a reality ever since it existed. Nevertheless, it has been cleverly concealed from the world; therefore, very less has been listen, said or written about it. Now the time has come that the true face of the Hindu terrorism must be highlighted and exposed to the global community, before it engulf the region or globe as a whole. Today, because of Hindu terrorism, not only innocent people, but, weak and smaller countries are being victimized and strangulated alike. Hindu terrorism is a stark reality which remains magically eclipsed. It is as old as Hindu civilization. In the Hindu beliefs, both preserver Vishnu and destroyer Shiva are deities. Furthermore, the caste system entitles the higher caste to punish and torture the lower caste even to an extent of killing an innocent and, also, no one has the right to live in their land who does not believe in ‘Hindutva’ (the Hindu way of life). Though remained largely unnoticed, Hindu Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. Rather, it is as old as the origin of this religion is. It is imbedded deep inside its mythology, culture, customs and way of life, which justifies killing and violence against those who do not fall within its beliefs. In Hindu beliefs, to kill or terrorize those who are inferior human beings is a sacred act. To sacrifice innocent human lives at the altar of Hindu doctrines is an act of piety in order to achieve the blessings of deities. Apart from the above beliefs the “Mahabharata” of Vedic golden age has to be reincarnated, which extends from Indonesia to Iran and Afghanistan. The beliefs and the dream of Mahabharata are a compulsive obsession of Hindu mind and their sacred duty. These concepts are the driving force behind Hindu terrorism. The killing fields of Hindu terrorism are filled with human flesh and blood and are increasing continuously with the rise of Hindu power. For the sacred religious duty and to fulfill the promise to their gods of Mahabharata, all the Hindus are united, whether they are overt extremists of ‘Sangh Parivar’, covert secularists of Indian Congress Party, law enforcing agencies or the Indian army. The two faces of Hindu terrorism help in cloaking its darker side, but events like, massacres of Gujarat or Indian Colonel PS Shurat’s involvement in Samjhauta Express are the living proofs of recent times. From the Hindu beliefs and Hindu actions today nothing is hidden, only the world needs to be aware of it to save itself from Hindu fascism. In South Asia, Hindus for ages have committed acts of violence against other communities and religions to achieve political objectives, but their centuries old philosophy of ‘cloak and dagger’ succeeded in making them magically invisible. The rise of India after Ashoka has accentuated the use of violent means to subjugate innocent and peaceful communities and nations. Hindu extremism has internationalized and remains cloaked from the world’s eyes. It is another unfortunate, success story of the ‘Two Faced Hindu Terrorism’. In USA an organization by the name of Indian Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) generates funds to distribute among ‘Sangh Parivar’ in India. It lists Sewa International as its counterpart in India. In Africa it lives by the name of Bhartiya Swayamsevak Sangh (BSS) and in Britain it has been established as Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (H.S.S). In Britain true to its tradition it has started with the face of ‘Lakshmi’ keeping in hiding the face of ‘Kali’ which it has in India. Today, in India there are many organizations with extremist Hindu beliefs trying to establish Hindutva. Together these are called ‘Sangh Parivar’ and include Rashtriya Swayarnsevak Sangh (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Prashad (VHP), Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal. They all work in collusion with mainstream political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian establishment. Recently the arrest of serving Colonel PS Shurat with a retired Major Upadhay and some soldiers in Malegaon blasts and Samjhauta Express terror attack and their association with ‘Hindutva’ believers just tells us that, how deep Hindu terror has penetrated even in the Indian Army. In Kashmir Brigadier (retired) Suchet Singh is one of the leading members of an extremist Hindu Party. More worrying is that BJP, the progeny of RSS has many ex-servicemen and more are joining it. They have a separate association. Major General (retired) B.C. Khanduria of BJP and an active member of terrorist Hindu group is the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. The Indian army’s infestation with ‘Hindutva’ concept is not from today. This is visible from decades. Their atrocity in Kashmir against Muslim men and women is well documented even by Indian Human rights organizations. Their brutal attitude towards Sikhs in the Golden Temple attack is yet another example and their absence or late arrivals when Hindus were on the rampage in Babri Mosque cannot be denied. All the battle cries of Indian Army are not of Indian secular army but a Hindu Army. All ten commandants of B.C. Joshi; ex Indian Army Chief, in 1993 had quotations from “Vedas”. More dangerous and diabolical is that retired Hindu servicemen give training to RSS Maranders. It looks as if the Indian Army means an Army with Hindu ideology with a dream to fulfill the ‘Hindutva’. Hindu extremism is internationalized, but remains cloaked from the world’s eyes. It is another inopportune, success story of the ‘Two Faced Hindu Terrorism’. Today at the global panorama, there are a number of terrorist movements operating. But this is heartening to know that only a negligible numbers of their terrorist acts have ever been known. Most of those are even not acknowledged as they are committed by those who are strong enough to crush its recognition. Hindu Terrorism’ is one such reality which very much exists today. The terror of its dagger is naked yet it seems to be cloaked and invisible. It is important that Hindu Terrorism’ must be highlighted and the reasons for its manifestations and existence must be explained. The roots of ‘Hindu Terrorism’ lie in their mythology and doctrines. It is embedded in the minds of Hindus. The two faces of their beliefs and doctrines work craftily and artfully in order to hide the ruthless side of their actions. Alas! World could have noticed the true visage of Hindu terrorism and its impending intends.

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