Thursday, March 26, 2009

Varun Gandhi Vows to cut heads of Muslims in India by Mamoona Ali Kazmi

True that instinct never changes. One cannot befriend venomous scorpions and snakes as they cannot be refrained from stinging. Likewise, Hindus in India keep same spiteful attitude towards Muslims and for that very reason the history of Hindu-Muslim relationship remained mar with distrust, revenge and hatred.

Being noxious towards Muslims, Hindus never let the culture of peace and harmony to take its roots in India. Muslims went out of the way to turn their cold relation into cordial with Hindus. For instance, King Akbar went to the extent of introducing a new religion with the name of Din- Akbari to reconcile with Hindus. Despite all such efforts the Hindus always remained hostile and vindictive towards Muslims. The Hindu leadership was hostile towards the idea of separation and after partition tried their best to undo it. Their efforts bore fruit in 1971 when they successfully separated the Eastern part of Pakistan from its Western part with the help of RAW. After the separation of East Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi delivered a speech at New Delhi Ground in which she mocked the Two Nations Theory by saying, “Today ‘WE’ have taken the revenge of the one thousand years’ slavery and the birth of Bangladesh is the death of Two Nations Theory.”
Varun Gandhi, the son of late Sanjay Gandhi and the grandson of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, went on a wild rant against Muslims during an election campaign rally in Uttar Pradesh on 17 March. He said, “India is only for the Hindus. Muslims have names that appear scary such as Karimullah and Rahimullah. They look dangerous. If one comes across them at night, he might get frightened. The need of the hour is to throw out all the Muslims to Pakistan”.
His inflammatory speeches and fanatical pro-Hindu stance proved that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations with separate and distinct religious, ideological, spiritual and philosophical identities. Thus, Quaid-e-Azam made a big favour to Muslims by creating a separate state for them and the creation of Pakistan was an absolute outcome of Hindus’ enmity and hatred towards Muslims.
The validity and authenticity of Two Nations Theory is confirmed by such speeches. Mr. Varun, in his extreme vitriol, threatened to kill and cut heads and hands of Muslims. Indian election commission assessed the communal remarks of Varun Gandhi and gave him a notice for violating the model code of conduct for election. However, Gandhi refused to apologize for his provocative speeches and said, “I am proud of my faith and not apologetic for it, I am a Gandhi, a Hindu and an Indian in equal measures.” During an election campaign rally held at Pilibhit he said, “If someone lifts a hand against Hindus or thinks they are weak and there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita that I will cut off that hand.” He compared the Muslim politicians with Osama-Bin Ladan. Varun Gandhi’s speeches aggravated the already fragile situation of Uttar Pradesh in communal terms. In Uttar Pradesh, majority Hindu community is assaulting the Muslims and looting Muslim-owned businesses.
Muslims are the biggest minority of India, which faced Hindu enmity not only today but even before partition. For extremist Hindus it is virtuous to kill Muslims. The genocide of Muslims in Gujarat and the trend of implicating Muslims in each and every subversive activity has become the rule of the day. The violent Hindu philosophy has also seeped into the ranks and files of the Indian Army. Lt. Colonel Prohit is an example in this regard, who not only facilitated the blasts in Samjhota Express but also involved in many anti-Muslim activities in India.
In 1827, Raja Ram Mohan Roy established an organization with the name of Brahmo Samaj and insisted upon the Hindus to return to the period of Vedas. His successor Dayananda Sarasvati founded a Hindu extremist organization, Arya Samaj, and openly declared that India was for Hindus. About Muslims, it was said that they were aliens and invaders and should be expelled from India or forcefully converted into Hindus. Arya Samaj targeted prominent Muslim figures and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and enhanced the anti-Muslim sentiments of Hindus. It promoted the idea of mother India and efforts were made to bring Afghanistan under the administration of India through Suddhi Movement.
In 1882, Arya Samaj raised the slogan of inviolability of cow and cow protection committees were made, which facilitated the anti-Muslim riots in whole India on this pretext. Arya Samaj started Suddhi movement to forcefully convert Muslims into Hinduism and encouraged the Hindu youth for violence against the Muslims. In 1883, a famous extremist Hindu Bal Ganga Dher Tilak started the Ganpati fair on the basis of Moharam procession. In Ganpati fair drums were beaten in front of the mosques in order to infuriate Muslims and than to get an excuse to start a backlash against them. Tilak declared Shivajee Marhata a ‘hero’. In the last quarter of the seventeenth century, Shivajee started with a mission of establishing Hindu Raj by eliminating Muslims and their rule. He offered peace talks to Afzal Khan, the General of King Aurangzeb, and then deceived him to death. Tilak gave the example of Shivajee to Hindu youngsters and raised anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments among them and asked them to use all tricks against Muslims. He raised the slogan that India was exclusively for Hindus and spread the thinking of Shivajee among Hindus. He said, “If thieves (Muslims) break into your home (India) and you lack the power to throw them out, then lock them up and set the house on fire.” On the basis of this philosophy, last year the sole Muslim family of Malegaon was burnt alive when the head of the family was serving the country at the border.

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